Stainless Steel Round Bolt

Stainless Steel Round Bolt

Round head bolts, the head shape is round, and various groove heads can be customized. Best competitive Advantages, 1.Strict quality control. 2.Very competitive price. 3.OEM Accepted. 4.The shortest delivery. 5.Best service. 6.According to drawing or samples. 7.Customer's Design and Logo are...

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Product Details

The flat head square neck bolt inserts the square neck of the head into the groove of the connected piece, reduces the height of the protruding surface, and tightens the screw from the reverse side. It is mostly used in places where there is little force, so the material is relatively soft.

Product Description


Carriage bolt     

According to the head size, it is divided into large semi-round head wagon screw (corresponding to standard GB/T14 and DIN603) and small semi-round head wagon screw (corresponding to standard GB/ t12-85).
Carriage bolts, a class of fasteners consisting of head and screw (cylindrical body with external thread), shall be fitted with nuts for fastening two parts with through-hole.
Carriage bolt refers to when the round head square neck bolts, English for carriage bolt but in general, the bolts used to connect two objects, usually by light hole, need and nut (the nut), can't afford to a single connection. A wrench is usually used for tools. The head is mostly hexagon first class, generally larger. Usually don't need a nut screw, directly to match the two objects (generally fittings to drilling, tapping screw thread), tools generally with screwdriver, screwdriver, head of slotted, cross slot, inside and outside hexagon is very much also, generally small.

Quality Control:



Do YPH accept Customized:

If you have drawing or samples, we can as your requirment to product. Welcome to your early reply.

Do YPH produce non-standard item?

Yes, we do. Send your specification drawings to our sales representative, then you will get a quotation.

Do YPH have a published price list?

We do NOT have a published price list. In our business market conditions are always fluctuating, which makes standard pricing difficult to maintain. We allow our sales staff to be flexible when it comes to quoting on your requirements, which means that you will receive the best pricing available when you need it.

Do YPH offer a discount?

Of course. we can offer you a discount base on your large quantity. But at the same time, like what we said above, we believe our sales staff have offered you the best price. In that way, you may have a discount, but not a big one. Go and explore for it.

Do YPH provide samples?

Why not, and stored samples are totally free. What we are going to tell you is that we do NOT have budget for Express. 

What's the delivery time?

It depends on your order quantity. It is about 20-40 days for standard ones, 35-60 days for non-standard ones. Check it with sales representative, he/she will give a accurate date of shipment.   

What is the payment term?

T/T & L/C are the prefer payment term. Also Western-Union is acceptable for low value payment, like samples' Express fee. 

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