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Five ways to extend the life of a nut hot melt machine?
- Feb 12, 2019 -

1. The temperature of the heat medium jacket of the equipment can be lower than the temperature of the heat medium of the front and rear casings.

2. When the pump body of the equipment is running at high temperature, if it is installed in the cold state, for example, the hinge should be provided on the piping to prevent the piping from shifting after the temperature rises.

3. The pump outlet pressure measuring point of the equipment should stop the alarm and prevent the pump from being damaged due to the blocked pipe.

4. When the pump of the equipment is started, it cannot be speed raised blindly to prevent premature damage of the shaft or bearing.

5. When the equipment is being cleaned and pipetting, the internal parts should be removed and the installation can be carried out after the pipetting is completed.