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There are three ways you can identify a Square nut
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Welded Square nut in general, are made from steel manufacturing, its welding Square nut solder side of the head and the seat surface plan, top side welding so as not to take out, welding Square nut to prevent loose problem very well. To better identify the welded Square nut, the Howe Square nut shares the following three methods.

1, from the product identification recognition: in general, welding Square nut manufacturers in the production of the Square of the nut, the product in the head with the product logo, such as product specifications and some necessary parameters.

2, from the appearance: look from the appearance, in fact, Square, the nut is equivalent to a larger nails, and the outer surface is a circle of thread, generally stainless steel welded Square nut is common.

3, from the role of recognition: speaking of work, but from the product name, its affirmation is to connect two parts, the function of connection Square nut, it can good connection was not very good connection between the two parts together.