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What's the trick with the expansion Special nut
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Expansion Special fixed the nut is applied in the shape of a trapezoid Angle to appear a lot of friction, know to want to fixed effect, generally we use to the expansion of the Special nut is divided into two kinds of iron and plastic, its usage is based on the expansion Special nut the nut standard to make corresponding holes, and the expansion Special play to go in the future the nut expansion Special after the nut open will have very good fixation effect. The expansion Special nut is threaded on one side and tapered on the other.

Expansion Special outside of the nut is wrapped in a metal, some Special nut expansion encase the nut is made of steel, iron cylinder, half of the incision and put them all into before the holes on metope, in with the nut to lock, nut to screw and pull outward pull with one side of the taper into the tin drum, in a metal cylinder has been expanding from, can be a very tight is fixed on the wall surface, the expansion of participating in the nut are used in fencing, air conditioning and so on material such as brick, cement floor.

Expansion of participating in the nut is made of Special nut and composed of some parts such as expansion pipe, Special nut at the bottom of the cone, the diameter of the cone are much larger than the inner diameter of the expansion pipe inside, when the nut tightening, Special nut is to move outward, move in express the function of the thread to one side, so you can outside the expansion pipe trip very big pressure, coupled with their friction force can play a fixed effect.