DIN 6916 Washers

DIN 6916 Washers

DIN 6916 Washers is placed between the connected piece and the nut. Generally, it is a flat metal ring for protecting the surface of the connected member from the nut and the pressure of the dispersing nut against the connected member. Best competitive Advantages, 1.Strict quality control....

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Product Details

DIN 6916 Mild Steel washer DIN 6916 Medieum Steel washer DIN 6916 HDG washer

1. Material: Stainless Steel,Alloy steel,Carbon Steel,Brass,Aluminum and So on

2. Surface Finish:Passivate,Black Oxide,Zinc Plating,

3. Size: According to Drawing or Samples

4. Standard: According to Drawing or Samples

5.Products:bolt,screw,nut,washer,pin,rivet and non-standard fastener

6. Certification: ISO9001

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